2nd Bridge Brewing CompanyHazel’s Nut Brown & Honey Ale – 5.4% – 32oz Crowler Can


My take on a classic nut brown. I live this beer. A deep chestnut/walnut color w/ a Hazelnut front and middle with sweet caramel and honey mid to finish with a nut brown bitter. Rounding it off with a great balance of Nut,sweet,hops & malt.


Yes, there’s Nut in this, brewed with some Hazelnut.  We love this ale.  A deeper brown ale in color with a fantastically balanced nut upon the sweet malting with a smooth finish.  Just a bit of hops and a grain bill to pull the nuttiness forward with a hazelnut boost.  Complex in character yet easy to enjoy with a medium body mouthfeel.  We love this representation of our Nut Brown ale with Hazelnut.  And sometimes a Hazel and Honey version of this ale.  Anytime anywhere Ale.


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