2nd Bridge Brewing CompanyNorth London Ale – 5% – 32oz Crowler Can


This is the house ale. A mild brown with a classic dull brown color. A little biscuit, bread, slight roast and caramel flavor.Shy on bite and ale on nose. An ale your sure to enjoy.

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This lighter bodied classically brown ale in color, is one of our N. London Ales.  Unlike the N. London Ale, this Brown Ale has a little more Bitters (Hop) character to it.  A bit more floral wood hopping into the specialty blend of malts used in this ale, made with Connecticut base grain and all Connecticut hops.  This is a delightful beer with caramel, slight nut and raisin with hints of chocolate deep into the malt.  Let this beer sit a minute and get a bit warmer for a better presentation.


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